Forklift Repair Services & Electric Forklift Rental

Electric Forklift Repair & Rental Singapore

Gambit Trading And Forklift Services Pte Ltd provides forklift repair and maintenance services which is reliable and trusted. We offer these repair and maintenance service that can handle variety of forklifts while establishing an outstanding result on time.

We assure that our group of people handling this repair and maintenance service is skilled and well trained in providing Forklift Repair Service.

This forklift repair is consistent and can meet your timeline with a very comprehensible process of repair and maintenance.  We are best at being punctual and prompt for every service that we cater, so we guarantee our best effort in all services that we do.


Gambit Trading And Forklift Services Pte Ltd also provide forklift rental service to all companies at a flexible rental option, short or long term.

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Welcome to Gambit, your top choice for quality Electric Forklift solutions in Singapore. At Gambit, we recognize the significant part played by efficient and dependable material handling equipment in ensuring that your business succeeds. Because of this, we offer a wide range of services such as Electric Forklift Singapore sales, Forklift Rental Singapore alternatives plus unmatched Forklift Repair Services to keep your operations smooth and efficient. Singapore Electric Forklifts Gambit stands out among other providers by offering electric forklifts which are up-to-date with technology at the heart of Singapore’s bustling industrial and logistics sectors. Our electric forklifts are equipped with modern features to ensure environmentally friendly activities, less maintenance and better performance. The integration into your systems will be seamless with our Electric Forklift Singapore packages thus improving productivity, cutting down operational costs and reducing carbon footprint. These electric forklifts would be ideal choices towards achieving efficiency while aiming at environmental sustainability within today’s competitive market by businesses. Forklift Rental In Singapore The wide scope of operations is what Gambit has recognized as different needs of business necessitating the provision of flexible rental services like Forklift Rental Singapore. Our rental options are customized depending on whether you need to use a forklift for a short project or over an extended period. This means that we have several models readily maintained and available when needed. It allows you to efficiently manage your fleet so as to go along with variations in businesses without having a huge capital investment in it all. By choosing us, you get access to latest models of forklifts at fair prices keeping your business responsive. Fork Lift Repair Services Gambit goes beyond sales and leasing of lift trucks; this why it has introduced comprehensive repair services called Fork Lift Repair Services meant to assure long-lasting quality performance throughout its life cycle. To carry out repairs or maintenance services on any make or model of lift truck can be done by our team of experienced technicians. We understand the significance of reduced downtime in your operations, hence we are committed towards providing repair services that are fast, reliable and cost effective. These can be either for emergency repairs or routine maintenance purposes as Gambit’s Fork Lift Repair Services serve to ensure that your fleet is always operating while moving your company forward. Gambit Choice Choosing Gambit means working with a premier organization engaged in Electric Forklift Singapore products, Forklift Rental Singapore solutions alongside Forklift Repair Services. This is what distinguishes us when it comes to quality provision, reliability and customer satisfaction. For all your forklift requirements, let Gambit be your number one choice and you will never regret it because you are going to experience how professional and efficient material handling solutions can positively change the way you do business. Fill this form and submit back so that we can get in touch with you soonest possible!