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Forklift Spare Parts, Pallet Truck & Reach Truck Singapore

Gambit Trading And Forklift Services Pte Ltd offer you these used & recondition forklifts and pallet trucks which are highly reliable in handling materials. These secondhand forklifts are still in good working condition and was overhauled until good as new when it comes to performance.


We offer these used & recondition forklifts and pallet trucks which are well functional and maintained in preserving its good quality.

We guarantee that you can get the maximum service out of it as this recondition forklift is robust and safe to use and will surely help you in achieving a highly efficient performance each day.

These used and recondition forklifts and pallet trucks are very useful especially on your lifting and moving heavy materials. We guarantee a well maintain machinery that you will surely enjoy even for a longer period of time


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Industrial Forklift
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Diesel Forklift
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Reach Truck
Reach Truck
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Pallet Truck


Gambit Trading And Forklift Services Pte Ltd offers a wide range of forklift spare parts like forklift tyres, wheels, batteries, battery chargers, etc.

Our forklift spare parts are competitively price and you can be assured of our quality and durability.

We provide quality replacement forklift spare parts for most major brand of forklifts.

Gambit Trading And Forklift Services is a pacesetter within Singapore’s forklift spare parts industry. As a reputable supplier of premium quality forklift spare parts, we guarantee that your material handling equipment performs optimally. Our vast stock consists of different parts required for different models of forklifts to facilitate easy maintenance and repair.

Our commitment to excellence means that we only supply the finest forklift spare parts from well-known manufacturers. This dedication ensures durability as well as dependability in the products we provide. By selecting Gambit Trading and Forklift Services, you are ensuring that your trucks have long-term reliability, which is critical in maintaining high productivity levels while reducing down-time in your operations.

We understand how important it is to keep your business running smoothly through quick and efficient services for your lifts. We have a team of specialists whose task is always ready to help you identify the right spares you will need for your lift as well as provide guidance on all issues pertaining to their functionality. If what you want includes engine spares; hydraulics; or electrical systems, then be sure these and more are available here.

Irrespective of Singapore’s competitive market, Gambit Trading and Forklift Services still remains unique through customer service that cannot be found elsewhere and an unmatched range of product selection amongst its competitors in terms of variety of brands it offers with respect to its fleet inventory on standby at present times. Our online catalogue allows you to easily navigate and pick out pieces so there is no time lost waiting around after making an order wrong. We form partnerships based on trust, dependability and exceptional service with our clients.

We don’t just supply – we partner with our customers in the maintenance of optimum performance on their forks at Gambit Trading and Forklift Services. Rest assured that when it comes to originality, we will give you proper services regarding selling good quality items needed by such machines within Singapore where your machines always remain effective and efficient in their operations. For all your lifting equipment spares, contact us and be assured of quality and efficient services which you can never get from any other place.


Gambit, a store where you can buy premium Forklift Spare Parts at the best prices. We cannot undermine the role played by forklifts in our business operations as it leads to efficiency and reliability in your daily logistics. We ensure that we offer an extensive range of Forklift Spare Parts to tailor for the various needs of your material handling equipment. A mind-boggling inventory of a wide range of parts, including forks, engines, brakes and hydraulics among other has made us excel in our commitment to quality. Each part is specifically made to guarantee high performance and durability thereby making sure all your trucks operate at their peak. Gambit’s Forklift Spare Part has done away with downtime hence keeping production at maximum levels during operation. Gambit believes in innovation as well as quality; For this reason, its team of experts is always up-to-date on latest improvements in forklift technology so that our inventory remains competitive within industry. It recognizes that each lift truck is unique, therefore ensuring we guide you through selection process of right components for your particular model. If you opt for Gambit regarding the purchase of your Forklift Spare Parts then be rest assured that your forklifts will last long and work efficiently. Our rates are competitive while our customer service is unmatched which makes us a preferred choice especially if companies want to improve their handling capacities. Depend on us as we help you beat all odds and steer towards operational excellence; entrust us with all areas concerning supply chain management systems such as Forklift Spare Part. Visit us today and discover how quality matters by going through our wide array available in stock now!

We value your time and attention, and we thank you for taking the time to visit Gambit Trading and Forklift Services Pte Ltd. We’ve learned over the years how critical it is to deliver high-quality forklift replacement parts to our customers.
It is both costly and inconvenient when your forklifts break. At Gambit Trading and Forklift Services Pte Ltd, we understand. We provide a large selection of forklift replacement parts since we recognize that different manufacturers and models have distinct requirements. We stock engines, transmissions, brakes, hydraulic systems, electrical components, and tires, to name a few.
We only carry high-quality forklift replacement parts manufactured by reputable manufacturers and subjected to thorough quality control checks. Genuine OEM components are vital to your forklifts’ safety and performance. Our team of professionals is available to assist you in any way they can, whether it’s determining which forklift parts to purchase or getting advice on how to install or maintain those components.
Every time we communicate with you, we attempt to impress you with our exceptional service. You may count on us for as much or as little assistance with your forklift as you need.
Gambit Trading and Forklift Services Pte Ltd rents, maintains, and sells forklifts. If your forklift develops a problem, our experienced service team can promptly determine the cause and provide a long-term solution.
Contact Gambit Trading and Forklift Services Pte Ltd if you require forklift components. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you maintain your forklift fleet running smoothly.